LALD_Caulfield_07_smMelbourne, Australia – Nov. 11, 2015 – Landscape design encompasses a variety of skills embodied in the services offered by the landscape design Melbourne firm of Lachie Anderson Landscapes. The company specialises in functional and aesthetic landscapes that are sustainable and tailored to environmental conditions.

“We handle all aspects of garden design,” said Lachie Anderson, director of the firm. “We’re cognizant of the wide range of conditions to which Australian landscapes are subject and create customized, sustainable options.”

The company provides clients with design, construction, maintenance and restoration of new projects and existing landscapes for residential and commercial venues. The firm specialises in trademark design elements of water features, innovative use of pavement and decks, and retaining walls of dry stone rock.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes maintains a team of talented professionals who provide incorporation of a wide variety of design elements that include lighting and irrigation, ponds and pergolas, paving and brickwork. Finished landscapes are functional, aesthetically pleasing and maintain the integrity of surrounding architectural styles.

Landscape design encompasses multiple elements that combine to create inviting green spaces that contribute to the well-being of the individual. Landscaping firms consider the available space and the function for which it can be used. Plantings must be selected that provide colour, interest, and are scaled to the space they will occupy. Soil composition and climate are critical concerns, as all plants won’t thrive in the same conditions.

Lines are design elements that connect the landscape as a whole with the goal of balance and unity. Plantings may take a variety of natural forms and Lachie Anderson Landscapes carefully select plantings for textures, colours, density and growing habits in light and shade.

The firm works with a variety of landscape types encompassing modern and classic to traditional, contemporary and aquatic. Lachie Anderson Landscapes can incorporate lighting, irrigation, decks and pergolas into client designs, along with water-focused features and decorative walls, walkways and fireplaces.

A landscape is a living, breathing, growing environment that changes with the seasons. Lachie Anderson Landscapes creates gardens of varying seasonal interest that are welcoming and inviting. Projects are sustainable and environmentally friendly, while providing clients with green spaces for rejuvenation.

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About Lachie Anderson Landscapes

Lachie Anderson Landscapes is a design and construction service catering to all tastes. The firm offers a variety of services that include construction, paving and lighting, brickwork, irrigation and drainage, electrical work, ponds, plantings and pergolas, along with feature walls and garden maintenance.


termitesMelbourne, Australia – Nov. 6, 2015 – The pest services Melbourne company of Everyday Pest Control has fast and effective remedies for termite infestations. The firm’s professionals are termite prevention, control and eradication experts, using methods that are safe for family and pets.

Everyday Pest Control provides free estimates and no obligation quotes. Altriset® is used for the prevention and elimination process, a unique termiticide that begins working on the insects within a few hours of application and is taken back to the hive for faster dissemination. Altriset® continues to work for up to nine years for effective, continuous protection.

A termite hive has a single queen that can live to the age of 50 and produce 500,000 or more offspring during her lifetime. Even with that many termites, individuals typically don’t notice the damage to structures until it’s quite advanced. There are different types of termites and some prefer damp places while others require less moisture to survive.

Termite infestations can be extremely difficult to detect for the untrained eye and are often confused with flying ants. The professionals at EveryDay Pest Control are trained experts specialising in termite detection and elimination and can locate signs of activity even with a small hive.

Mud tubes are the easiest and most obvious signs many individuals notice of subterranean termites. The tubes provide a safe pathway for termites to migrate without exposing themselves to sunlight. Termites of reproductive age have wings that allow them to migrate to other locations, but they shed their wings at certain times of the year and piles of those wings often appear around the home.

Other types that require slightly drier conditions live within wooden structures in close contact with their food source. They leave piles of what appears like sawdust around cracks in woodworks, in beams and around window sills. Some leave a dirt-like residue in corners and around the base of walls.

Termite infestations cost approximately $5 billion in damage each year, weakening the wood of the structures they inhabit. Homeowners may notice sagging wood or long, thin cracks in advanced infestations. Beetles and carpenter ants cause similar damage and it requires a trained professional to correctly identify the insect problem. Everyday Pest Control offers cost effective solutions for all Melbourne pests.

Pest services Melbourne offered by Everyday Pest Control provide consumers with a fast, efficient and cost effective method of preventing and eradicating termites that chew through and destroy the wood of any structure. The company uses proven methods that are safe for family and pets.

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business-for-sale-11091302One of the hardest decisions in selling business is choosing a “Business Broker”. Most of the business owners sell their business once in a life time. So your business broker must be an expert in the field. If you are planning to sell your business now then you must choose the right business broker and ask some critical questions to your broker before making a decision:

  • Does he maintain regular contact with professional accountants, advisors and lawyers?
  • Does he provide right and quality information to prospective buyers?
  • Can he show previous transaction experience?
  • Is he qualified to provide appropriate advice?

Make sure that your business broker hold significant transaction experience in your industry and certified to provide you advice as and when required and necessary. You need to check that how your business broker presents required information to buyer. Does he prepare information memorandum to distribute to buyers?   Information memorandum includes detailed information about business and gives confidence to buyer to make initial assessment.

In case if you are thinking to sell your business and looking for options then you are at the right place. AJW Business Brokers enhance the value of your business as much as possible so that you can get maximum returns from it and saves a lot of your time and money.  AJW Business Brokers provide experienced professional guidance, wide range of business opportunities with low fees and fast results.  With AJW you can easily find the right business that suits your needs

At AJW all of our business brokers are qualified professionals and maintain regular contact with professional accountants, lawyers and other corporate advisors.

Article provided by AJW Business Brokers

Build the ultimate deck with our range of decking at Homeleigh Discount Timber. Hardwood floors and decking have multiple advantages over traditional types of floor coverings. They’re strong, durable, versatile, and perform well even in high traffic areas. Hardwood floors are aesthetically pleasing and provide a high-end luxury look anywhere they’re used. For music lovers, hardwood floors offer better acoustics.
Easy to clean and maintain, hardwood flooring doesn’t facilitate the collection of dust, pollen and other allergens, providing better indoor air quality. They’re especially beneficial for those with allergies and breathing conditions, while providing a long-term investment that enhances the value of any structure.

Homeleigh Discount Timber
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BC Cleaning Specialist of high pressure cleaning services throughout Melbourne. High pressure cleaning removes cobwebs, dust, spiders and mould. As an extra service to high pressure cleaning, citronella cleaning can also be applied. This can prevent mosquitos breeding in gutters and other types of bugs and spiders from breeding around your home/workplace.

Includes services to:

    • Weather board homes
    • Brick homes
    • Industrial and factory lots
    • Driveways and pathways
    • Roofs
    • Fencing
    • Gutters

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Single-unitRV Wi-Fi is the modern and convenient way to stay connected with family and friends while on the road or with the office during working holidays. Developed specifically for RV enthusiasts, the company’s routers and software offers individuals with the means to enjoy all the communication and entertainment options available no matter where their journey takes them.

The Telstra network offers the most extensive coverage area and mobile options available for use with RV Wi-Fi equipment. Like any network, connectivity doesn’t extend everywhere but it will be available to most locations where caravan and motorhome communities are common.
Data costs with satellite systems can be extremely expensive and prohibitive for many, with costs of up to $2 per minute. RV Wi-Fi ranges between $30-50 per month for most, depending upon usage. The systems work with streaming services, enabling caravaners to enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows and entertainments wherever they may travel.

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Hedge_Trimming___Pruning_061-300x200An increasing number of home and commercial property owners are choosing living hedges as an eco-friendly alternative to metal and wooden fences as privacy barriers. They help clean and oxygenate the air, while providing greenery that has a positive effect on the psyche.
A wide variety of plants can be used for hedging, including those that produce flowers, but trimming is essential for a hedge to retain the desired qualities and not intrude into spaces where it’s unwelcome. The benefits of having a trained arborist maintain hedges include:
1. Maintains the appropriate symmetry and form of the specific type of plant
2. Provides stability
3. Creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance
4. Promotes health
5. Encourages growth
6. Inhibits depredations by insects
7. Prevents plant diseases
8. Increases property values
9. Prevents deadwood from becoming a problem during storms
10. Professionals know exactly how each type of hedge should be trimmed
Hedges can quickly grow beyond their scope and boundaries if not regularly trimmed and maintained. Overgrown hedges sap the strength of roots and lower limbs, leading to destabilization of the entire plant. In the presence of high winds and fierce storms, hedges that are left to grow wild can uproot and pose a threat to people and property.

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Precision Plumbing provides an array of plumbing services to ensure drains flow, burst pipes are quickly repaired, taps are replaced, and toilet cisterns are replaced and repaired. The company has earned a reputation for repairs and installations with minimal mess and offers 24/7 emergency services.
Blocked drains aren’t always caused by hair and debris. They may be the result of tree roots growing into underground pipes that can cause significant damage to property and structures if left unattended. With CCTV technology and high pressure machines, the company’s professionals can pinpoint the exact location of problems and clear them. Pipes that have been dislodged are repaired and realigned at competitive prices.

Precision Plumbing understands that time is of the essence when dealing with water problems of any type, whether it’s a leaky faucet, dysfunctional water heater or burst pipes. A leaky pipe or faucet may seem like an inconvenience, but even a small drip can waste up to 25 liters of water per day and add significant costs to water bills.

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gardenFrom golf courses and public gardens to commercial and residential areas, a garden designer beautifies the world around them through the use of plants and decorative features that includes fountains, falls and stonework. Nathan Burkett Design offers a wide range of design services that create functional, innovative and sustainable green spaces throughout Melbourne that nourish the human spirit.

Burkett offers complete landscaping design services and concepts for residential and commercial clients. Landscape design, construction, and landscape garden maintenance programs are specifically developed to meet the unique needs and requirements of clients. His firm specialises in low-maintenance solutions for busy individuals.

Creating a garden landscape is a multi-step process that requires a consultation with clients to determine the type of garden or landscaping they want that accommodates their particular site, architecture and lifestyle. A design that includes all major features will be developed that includes lighting, pathways, structures and swimming pools. Landscaping plans are amended at necessary.

Burkett is an award-winning garden design and architect knowledgeable in the types of plants and materials available to create the surroundings demanded by discerning clients. His firm maintains a network of highly skilled professionals in multiple fields ranging from lighting and stonework to irrigation systems to provide clients with gardens and landscaping for a variety of usages.

As a garden designer, Burkett has a passion for improving surroundings with greenery, utilizing intelligent design that’s environmentally friendly for indoor and outdoor venues. From elaborate public gardens and private estates to herb gardens for chefs, Burkett has the extensive knowledge required to combine the multiple elements needed to accommodate the creation of any type of garden desired.

Burkett has distinguished himself with an eye for detail and bold styles that are quickly becoming a standard in garden design. He’s worked on some of the finest gardens in Australia for celebrities and highly recognized public figures, transforming mundane surroundings into elegant living spaces.

From simple and serene to classic and sophisticated, Burkett is a garden designer that makes optimal use of available space with sustainable and environmentally friendly landscapes for every need. Natural materials, decorative features and lighting options all combine for gardens that nourish the human spirit.

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modern-patioAnston Paving Stones, a premiere pavers Melbourne company, doesn’t view projects in the short term – their creations are designed for longevity. The family owned company has earned a reputation for exemplary customer service and designing unique high-end projects throughout Melbourne with environmentally sensitive engineered stone.

Anston Paving Stones provides consultations for domestic customers, commercial enterprises and public entities for beautification, to ensure compliance with the law, and ensure that current and future needs are met. The award-winning Melbourne paving company is one of a select few that has earned the respect and confidence of celebrities, along with master architects and landscape designers that also award winners.

Decorative and functional pavers are available for private and public pool coping, steps and risers, and tactile paving stones for the blind. Benches, spheres and cubes, and light bollards are available and the company welcomes unusual, custom and challenging requests for landscape features. Pavers are available in multiple colours and sizes, allowing clients to coordinate all the elements of their projects.

Any paving project requires much more than simply leveling ground and laying down pavers. Each enterprise represents a major engineering feat that requires specialised knowledge of the earth, the paver materials and mixture that’s used, and the properties of the area in which they’ll be installed.

Without the knowledge of those elements that comes with years of experience, the potential exists for problems ranging from popping and cracking to staining and discolouration. The conditions can be costly to remedy and may not appear for months or even years. Some of those conditions arise when companies improperly install pavers, while others are the result of improper handling of the pavers prior to installation.

Pavers Melbourne engineers projects for longevity, factoring in how the pavers will be used and the environmental elements that will come in contact with the pavers, from leaf litter and cleaning chemicals to animal traffic. Anston Paving Stones takes care to maximize client investment and are skilled with larger paving blocks that require specialised care and installation. The company was the first to utilize carbon neutral processes that are environmentally friendly and beautiful to behold.

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